Unchained Warrior Portable Air Beds Inflatable Lounger, Sleeping, Summer, Relaxing Sofa Couch for Travelling, Camping, Picnic, Beach, Parks, Backyard – Best Quality Guaranteed.


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Manufacturer Description

Our Story:
  • At Unchained Warrior® we are dedicated to solving real human problems so this is the reason behind every product we make.
  • Most of us have this experience where we plan a day out but have to rush to get there on time to hire beach chairs (sun loungers can be expensive on the beach - £5 per day), carry massive beach side mat or even tow/drag along very heavy beach beds/chairs. Most airbeds will take you hours to inflate, taking most of relaxing time. This makes relaxing, holidays, sunbathing very stressful.
  • The Unchained Warrior® Air Sofa and Lounger solves all these problems. It is lightweight, made with double layered light and durable non-toxic materials which is easy to carry and easy to clean and smell-free. So, whether you are at the Beaches, Lakes, Pools, The Mountains, Hiking, Your Living Room or anywhere else, the Unchained Warrior® is all you need to relax in comfort.
  • Enjoy quality time outdoors with colleagues, friends and family and top up on Vitamin D. You can lay it on the ground or grass as blanket. The Unchained Warrior® Air Bed and inflatable hammock is best, so click on the yellow "Add to Basket" button now.
  • Specifications :
  • Un-Inflated size: 102.34 x 27.56 inches
  • Inflated size: Approx. 80.7 x 27.55 inches
  • Product Weight: 2.42 lbs Material: External Nylon Fabric cloth and Internal PE Airtight Plastic
  • Set-Up Instructions:
  • 1.Open the mouth of one side of the Air Sofa and swoop it into the air allowing you to take a big swoop of air into the bag. Quickly close the mouth of the bag to trap the air. Repeat with other chamber until both sides are filled with air.
  • 2.With air in the bag, start rolling the closed ends over 3-5 times until air is compressed and snug tight.
  • 3.Grab the corner ends of the mouth and bend until clips come together, buckle clips and enjoy!
  • Product Features

    • EASY TO INFLATE (No need for Air Pump): Unchained Warrior® inflatable lounger are very lightweight and durable nylon fabric easy to inflate on any day with 2 minutes with the help of the wind by following a few steps clearly shown with pictures in the attached instruction manual. It can also be inflated with the help of a fan if at home and by running against the wind if outside at the beach, open fields, picnic, festivals or in the garden. • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Just like all our products, the Unchained Warrior® air lounger sofa is guaranteed to be of the best quality in materials and comfort provided. If you find this item below the best standards we have promised, we will refund your payment so Click "ADD TO CART" to ORDER now!! RISK FREE. Summer is here, so get ready to take your inflatable bed to outings, picnics, festivals, camp sites and more. • WHY BUY THE UNCHAINED WARRIOR® BRAND: A small family business offering 110% Best Customer Service on Amazon. We aim to inspire your greatness and high performance and this is one of the ways we put our money where our mouth is. What you get from Unchained Warrior is the best customer service with your warranty intact if our equipment fails for any reason within the specification. We truly care about your satisfaction. • MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION: The Unchained Warrior® Inflatable Sofa/Air Hammock is unique as it comes with multi-layer protection made up of external Nylon cloth and internal PE Airtight Plastic which protects if from sharp objects damage and leakage enabling you to enjoy some music, read books or just relax under the sun. You can even take a shower with it! It can take between 330-440lb which means that 2-3 people can sit on it at the same time. • VERY EASY TO CARRY: Forget about towing bulky seaside and picnic beds or paying fees to hire one, the Unchained Warrior® Air Beds are just 260*70 cm in size and super lightweight at 1.3kg. Our air bed is compressible, after use, you can easily put it away in your bag, backpack ,car trunk or even hang it on your shoulder as it only takes up a litter space! Best choice for BEACH, PARK, CAMPING sites, HIKING destinations ,TERRAIN, BBQ sites or anywhere you like hanging out.

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